Rise from the ashes

And into the light

Why I Do This

Tuesday 12th, January 2010. This is a day that is still replaying in my mind, even today. On this fateful day, I escaped Haiti prison due to a life-threatening earthquake. What I went through, from childhood until this very day and even afterward, would change everything about who I am. I came from a place where drug addiction and bad life habits were all too common in the youth. Today, I am here to step in and help those who need help coming out of this.
I believe that God called me to this area. There are a lot of people that were unable to come out of this damaging mindset and lifestyle. I have come out, much more than I ever expected. I never imagined this. I never expected to reach this level. But I am here today, and that means, so can you.

Are you feeling trapped within your bad habits? Do you find it difficult to fight the temptations in your life? Do you feel alone in these struggles, or unsure about how to overcome them?

I have a powerful story to share. Drug addiction, desire for money, and life of dishonesty. These are a few of the many demons I struggled with for a very long time.

Today, I have a beautiful wife and three children. I am blessed with a career that allowed me to purchase my own home, and build a new life.

But, it wasn’t always this way. Get your free sample below!

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